Revealing Version 4.0: With Ease and Grace

Hey folks, i just redesigned this site but actually it’s not a big deal yet. Mostly i just thought it would be fun. Actually it’s not an article but just little information about new Design.

Design v4
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Why Custom Web Design is Best?

It is fact that every business owners are always looking how to save money and make their business profitable. Most of the business owners don’t know difference between having a custom web design done using website templates. So Today in this article, we’ll look at benefit of using custom web design.

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Set Up Zoho Mail for Custom Domain

Gmail, Yahoo, Live and more other are email service that provide you a mail service with their domain name(i.e. [email protected] and so on.) but Outlook, Zoho etc. are email service on a custom web domain so that your email address reads like [email protected]. This services are similar to Google Apps which is now available with premium cycle.

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Tips: How to Organize CSS?

Often, When you are gonna creating a complicated web site with a lot of specialized styles to determine the look and design of your site so, in that situation you will find that your style sheet will become more complicated and very large. But if you organize your CSS in a document that is easy to maintain and update it to very later.

Some people may think that organizing CSS styles can be pain in the butt, but if you get into the habit of this, the website will be much better to maintain in forthcoming.

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Environment Setup for Sass

Sass is a CSS pre-processor that helps you to write more smart and dynamic code. It comes in two syntax: .scss and .sass as i say in previous article.

There are so many application that allows you to running up Sass in few minutes on cross platform and some of them are listed below.

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