Tips: How to Organize CSS?

By Nikul Lakhani

Often, When you are gonna creating a complicated web site with a lot of specialized styles to determine the look and design of your site so, in that situation you will find that your style sheet will become more complicated and very large. But if you organize your CSS in a document that is easy to maintain and update it to very later.

Some people may think that organizing CSS styles can be pain in the butt, but if you get into the habit of this, the website will be much better to maintain in forthcoming.

Environment Setup for Sass

By Nikul Lakhani

Sass is a CSS pre-processor that helps you to write more smart and dynamic code. It comes in two syntax: .scss and .sass as i say in previous article.

There are so many application that allows you to running up Sass in few minutes on cross platform and some of them are listed below.

Blogger vs. WordPress

By Nikul Lakhani

There are so many blogging platform but only two of them have won every one’s heart. People always love that platform which provide everything free of cost, yeah you got it right i am talking about Google’s Blogger and WordPress.

The first question of every newbies developer is “Should I use Blogger or WordPress for my new site?” By the Way, I am using self-hosted WordPress for this site.

Introduction to Sass

By Nikul Lakhani

What is Sass?

SASS stands for Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets

Sass is a CSS preprocessor which makes your work simple by facilitating you with variables, mixins, inheritance and ton of cool features that help you to write codes in a much less time. It can be pretty helpful for creating nice & neat code.

Adding Loading Screen in Website

By Nikul Lakhani

Regularly as a web designer, we build websites that can be reasonably media intensive (e.g. It can be portfolio or photography website). It may contain lots of graphics, videos or flash contents, and thousands lines of code so page can be load slow. But there has a better way to display awesome loading screen instead of those half loaded pages.