11 Great and Modern Fonts with Personality


This font collection is created by Antonio Rodrigues who is Brazil-born graphic designer and illustration. His work includes projects in typography, lettering, crafts, branding and sculpture.

1. Berlin


Berlin is a group of display fonts inspired by the classic geometric typefaces from early last century. It features (so far) four versions, each one in three weights: regular, bold & X-bold.


2. Brasilia


Brasilia was designed as part of Multi Collective branding project. As Brasilia (the city) itself, it holds an old-modern design. It comes in six versions: Regular (with shadows), Condensed, Extended, plus two levels of the shortened version.


3. Canberra


All-caps font originally designed for a series of posters. The brief was to bring something inspired by the old circuses alphabets. It is purposely irregular, and regardless of the crisp outlines, it is meant resemble hand painted signage.


4. Chelsea


Chelsea is a sans-serif version of London. The basic structure remains unaltered. Some minor adjustments were only needed in order to preserve the legibility, such as narrower gaps and small caps as lower case.

Because it is a London’s child, it has been named after one of the city’s nicest neighbourhoods.

It features four styles, three of them can be overlayed and the fourth has some subtle curves in the corners.


5. Delhi


Part of the branding for a creative group in India. It shamelessly inspired by the gorgeous art deco era. It’s all caps, with some subtle alternative lower cases.


6. Havana


Formerly known as Colibri (hummingbird, in Spanish), it is part of my first-ever branding project, commissioned by a friend who owned a bird shop. It has a modular structure and it comes (so far) 4 styles: Regular, Rounded, Italics & Regular Shadows.


7. London


London is is inspired by and based upon the classic Bodoni (Black MT), with major adjustments on the loops, ears, spurs and overall width. It comes in two versions (Regular and Fill).


8. Madrid


Madrid is the first attempt for a custom typographic logo for a fashion retailer. Though the client and I liked the font, we ended with a thinner option. Nonetheless, I did my usual and finished the design of the full set.


9. Modular


Modular alphabet inspired by the tan-gram puzzles. It comes in solid, outlines and overlayed versions.


10. Oslo


Oslo & Oslo II are very light monospaced typefaces. Both have their own set of numbers, special characters and punctuation. Though the font is primary intended to be all caps, Oslo II is featured as lower case to Oslo.


11. Stockholm


ld and solid geometric font, initially conceived as a variation to Oslo. It comes in three versions: Monospaced (making use of Oslo’s basic structure), Sans Serif & Slab. It’s all caps with narrower lower cases.

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