Elegance of Responsive Web Design

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It sounds cool as the website that we see in our laptop adjust itself to any device that we could see it clearly, without getting frustrated by broken links and layout. Well that’s why responsive design is making it’s shape in the web industry.

Today, web design and development is getting too much flexible in the matter of user experience but in an increasingly mobile world, the concept of responsive web design is making it’s way to the middle.

Actually, there are thousands of devices having different screen sizes and who knows out of them one user visit to your site and get frustrated by overwhelming of content and design if your site is not responsive? nothing major! you just lost that visitor forever.

Elegance of Responsive Web Design

What actually is responsive design?

Well the concept of responsive web design assure that a website can be viewed from any devices without being overwhelmed of it’s layout and helps to get better user experience by having graceful layout as step up series. learn more about the importance of web design at https://www.webfx.com/web-design/learn/why-is-web-design-important/

No matter which device you got, only one design for your 4-inch smart phone mobile, 7-inch mini-tablet, 10-inch tablet computers, 15-inch laptop or 40-inch HDTV.

Your responsive website will pleasure all the above mentioned devices. Eventually, responsive web-design got some kind of grid-concept, which let developers define how images, format and containers will scale itself too the given screen.

Targeting users to have a nice experience on your site responsive design makes good sense, especially, within the layout structure from mini-screen to tv-screen, fluid and flexible layout of website makes user experience better on the go, and CSS plays an important role in designing responsive website design, learn more about CSS by clicking here.

Actually, you don’t have to worry about an afterthought of your website. I am not saying that responsive design is pretty perfect, at most not today, but my intention is to grab a link towards it’s benefits.

Apparently, it’s not a concept that can make 10 out of 10, nor it’s the concept that could actually change your site’s statistics. So it’s important to design your website that respond to any screen sizes well enough.

In fact, it’s not that hard to implement. CSS media queries are clean and simple way to create a responsive we design.

Look as we discussed, it’s not a concept that would score 10 out of 10. There are some cons that overwhelmed by itself.

  1. It will cost you for your time (if you are a developer) and for your money (if you are a client.)
  2. Mobile sites hide some specific content or features that may user wants to use(actually some websites don’t provide all the content for mobile devices.)
  3. Or may be some people literally like zoom-in-zoom-out. Rrrrrrrr!

In-short, it’s a sensitive concept an is not only about adjustable screen sizes and automatically scalable images, it’s a concept of getting more flexibility in our workflow and user experience.

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